Love Wraps™ was founded by Christine Kloser, “The Transformation Catalyst” and three-time award winning author. The idea came to her on one of the most challenging days of her life; when she realized it was time to let go of a company she’d had for 7 years. There were a number of other things happening in Christine’s life that made this decision an extremely difficult and painful one at the time.

During that time, Christine was facilitating a gathering with a group of like-minded women entrepreneurs when she was intuitively prompted to offer a guided meditation where she led the women to feel wrapped in a blanket of love. She further encouraged them to imagine their love vibrating out to every nook, cranny and corner of the planet. Of course, in this time of great crisis, Christine was giving this group of women the very experience she needed for herself… to feel safe, loved and connected to something larger than herself.

During the meditation, Christine (a wrap wearer for years) felt how wonderful it would be to wear a wrap whose purpose was to help her FEEL wrapped in LOVE!

Never letting any grass grow under her feet… within minutes of completing the meditation, Christine started to build a business around Love Wraps™, and in a few short months a business was born complete with products, branding, a website, inspirational gifts and a plan to wrap as many people as possible in the beautiful functionality and powerful transformative benefits of Love Wraps™.