Have You Ever Wished You Could Hug Someone From Afar
Or Give Them a Truly Meaningful And Lasting Gift of Love?
If So, You Are In The Right Place!

That Gift May Be For a Celebration…
A Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Retirement Promotion or Holiday, Etc.

Or To Comfort Someone Through Difficult Times…
A Health Challenge, Loss, Personal Struggle, or Challenging Milestone , Etc.

Love Wraps Delivers A Timeless and Versatile Accessory That Wraps The Ones You Love With Love… Including Yourself

The idea for Love Wraps came to me when I was going through one of the most challenging times of my life. During that time, I facilitated a guided meditation for some friends and heard myself say the words “imagine yourself wrapped in a blanket of love.”

Those words energized every cell of my body, and inspired me to find a way to do that - to create a wrap that would bring comfort, connection, healing and love to the world.

Who Do You Know That Could
Use Some Extra Love Right Now?
(It’s okay if that’s you.)

Once you have them in mind, visit our shop and send them some love.

And keep an eye out for details on our exclusive Love Luminaries Community where you’ll receive free love-inspired resources to help you connect with the energy of love and share it with others. We’ll send details via email after your purchase.

When you give the gift of

you become part of the solution to bring more love to the world.

Paying the Love Forward

We all know people who are struggling as mental health continues to be a growing concern. So, we donate a portion of every purchase to mental health organizations and programs that support people to get well, and experience more hope and love in their lives.

More details on this initiative are coming soon, stay tuned.

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See What People Say!

  • “My Love Wrap is so soft it feels like liquid in my fingers.  And when I put it on, it absolutely feels like someone is hugging me.  It’s crazy! It truly is the gift that keeps on hugging.” 

    Judy H.

  • “Love Wraps are super comfortable and stylish.  When I have an opportunity to give a gift to someone, I always think of Love Wraps because every time they put it on they’ll be reminded how much I love them.”

    Beth N.

  • “Ever since I discovered Love Wraps, I don’t bother sending people flowers anymore since they die in a week.  Now I give this meaningful and lasting gift of love and comfort for every occasion!”

    Karen T.

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