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  • “My Love Wrap is so soft it feels like liquid in my fingers.  And when I put it on, it absolutely feels like someone is hugging me.  It’s crazy! It truly is the gift that keeps on hugging.” 

    Judy H.

  • “Love Wraps are super comfortable and stylish.  When I have an opportunity to give a gift to someone, I always think of Love Wraps because every time they put it on they’ll be reminded how much I love them.”

    Beth N.

  • “Ever since I discovered Love Wraps, I don’t bother sending people flowers anymore since they die in a week.  Now I give this meaningful and lasting gift of love and comfort for every occasion!”

    Karen T.

When you give the gift of

you become part of the solution to bring more love to the world.

Paying the Love Forward

We all know people who are struggling as mental health continues to be a growing concern among teens and adults. So, we donate a portion of every purchase to Mental Health America and Active Minds to further their efforts in supporting and educating people on pressing mental health issues.

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The Love Wraps Mission

To wrap 1 million people by 2030 with the gift of lasting love so they feel seen, valued, remembered, celebrated and supported. In doing so we raise the vibration on planet Earth and help shift the consciousness of humanity to co-create a world that works for everyone.