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The Love Wraps Story

Love Wraps, LLC was founded by Christine Kloser at a time when she was experiencing one of the most challenging phases of her life. It was then she led a guided meditation for her womens’ circle and heard herself say the words... 

“Imagine yourself wrapped in a blanket of love.”

Those words energized every cell of her being, and inspired her to find a way to do exactly that; to create a wearable wrap that brought comfort, connection, healing and love to anyone who wore it.  

Beyond that, she wanted to make this more than just something you wear or share.  So, she created Love Wraps to be an experiential self-care product that includes a complimentary copy of her exclusive Love Wraps Guided Meditation, as well as her eBook A Daily Dose of Love:  Everyday Inspiration to Help You Remember What Your Heart Already Knows. 

Here’s Christine’s story...

In every iteration of my life’s work, the common theme has been holding a space of love so others could step into becoming the best version of themselves.

From camp counseling and teaching aerobics as a teenager to owning a yoga studio and personal training gym in my thirties, I loved the people I served. More recently as CEO and Founder of Get Your Book Done LLC and Capucia LLC, I’ve continued to love and support others by facilitating transformational retreats and offering programs and services to 80,000+ aspiring authors, showing them how to write, publish and launch their life-changing books.

Then, in my forties when I went through a dark night of the soul, it was at that time that I needed to learn how to more deeply love myself.

One of the ways I’d always done that was to create community and surround myself with other women where I felt safe, seen, heard, supported, etc.  It was facilitating a circle for these friends when I received a moment of clarity while delivering a guided meditation… and Love Wraps was born.  

What I needed then, and what I believe we all need now, is to know and feel we are loved.

Within 90 days of that moment of inspiration, I researched prototypes, had a friend create a logo (you can see the first iteration below), and made a few samples.  They were well received and people got excited about the product.

wrap in love

But to get my family back on financial ground I had to set this project aside to focus on my book publishing business to provide financial stability for my family.

And now, more than a decade later, I’m excited to bring Love Wraps to life, and into the hands of more people!

Especially now, while the world is experiencing challenges on a global and personal level, it seems like the right perfect time to bring more love, connection, peace and healing into the world.  And have it be functional and fashionable too!

We support having that love ripple out by donating a portion of every purchase to mental health organizations and programs that support people to get well, and experience more hope and love in their lives including Mental Health America and Active Minds.

Have You Ever Wished You Could Hug Someone From Afar
Or Give Them a Truly Meaningful And Lasting Gift of Love?
If So, You Are In The Right Place!

That Gift May Be For a Celebration…
A Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Retirement Promotion or Holiday, Etc.

Or To Comfort Someone Through Difficult Times…
A Health Challenge, Loss, Personal Struggle, or Challenging Milestone , Etc.

Love Wraps Delivers A Timeless and Versatile Accessory That Wraps The Ones You Love With Love… Including Yourself

The idea for Love Wraps came to me when I was going through one of the most challenging times of my life. During that time, I facilitated a guided meditation for some friends and heard myself say the words “imagine yourself wrapped in a blanket of love.”

Those words energized every cell of my body, and inspired me to find a way to do that - to create a wrap that would bring comfort, connection, healing and love to the world.

Who Do You Know That Could
Use Some Extra Love Right Now?
(It’s okay if that’s you.)

Once you have them in mind, visit our shop and send them some love.

And keep an eye out for details on our exclusive Love Luminaries Community where you’ll receive free love-inspired resources to help you connect with the energy of love and share it with others. We’ll send details via email after your purchase.

  • Vision

    To be the premier gift brand that inspires humanity to give, receive and share meaningful heartfelt gifts of lasting love, comfort and connection.  

  • Mission

    To wrap 1 million people by 2030 with the gift of lasting love. In doing so we shift the consciousness of humanity and help create a world that works for everyone.

  • Purpose

    To help all people feel loved, valued, remembered, celebrated and comforted as they navigate the many joys and sorrows of life.